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Swimming in love

I met Michele Irvin and Gab Bobek at the West Side YMCA monday evening.  What a beautiful Y!  We were scheduled to meet at the small pool at 8 PM.  We were going to do CranioSacral Therapy in the water, practicing on each other.

I got there early to do laps in the big pool first.  Everyone was so friendly.  I was able to get a free week pass, as I’d never visited that Y before and I wasn’t a current member of the Y.

Liz with dophin therapists

The pools at the West Side Y are beautifully tiled and have a wonderful ambiance.  The small pool has the more beautiful Spanish tiles.  The story is that they were donated by the King of Spain during the building of the pool.

This was Michele’s idea.  We were getting together to share CranioSacral Therapy in the water.  CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch therapy which treats the nervous system, with the therapist’s point of focus the fluid around the brain and spinal cord.  As a therapist, I immerse myself into the ocean within the client.  We blend, energy is released, and the client breaks through to a higher level of organization and health.

Michele and I met in the Bahamas years ago.  We were able to do therapy in the warm ocean water.  Sometimes dolphins were present, bringing their miraculous healing energy.  (You can read more about dolphin healing on the articles section of my website,

Dolphin therapists (photo by Germaine)

Michele lives in Indiana where she has access to a warm water pool where she continued the water therapy.  So she called me to ask if I wanted to join her while she was in NYC.   She had used the Y before and knew the pools were great.

So there we were.  The water was warm.  Gab had never done water therapy before.  All 3 of us were advanced CranioSacral Therapists with thriving private practices.

It was magic.  What happens is this:  One person lies relaxed in the water while the others (in this case 2 others) support the person in the water and apply CST.

If one has a dream and in the dream dives into water, this generally means entering the subconscious mind.

It’s my opinion that if we are doing therapy in the water, immediately the subconscious surfaces and takes over the therapy session. There was time for us all to do 2 sessions. Each person would have a session.  Then we would briefly talk about it and then was the next person’s turn.  After we all had a turn, we did another round.

My first session was full of movement.  I immediately felt the presence of the dolphin, Kayla, that I had worked with in the Bahamas.  I “saw” her at my right foot.  I could feel the energy coming from her up my right side.  I felt playful, and imagined diving and swimming with her.  I felt I was in the ocean, not a small pool.

It was a very active session, with me turning and moving across the pool.  My therapists were with me all the way.  I slowed to a stop at the end, when Michele did a temporal (ear bone) release.  My neck and jaw had been very jammed up and I could feel the whole thing release.

My second session was less movement.  I felt the movement happening inside.  I had an old injury to my right hip years ago.  The consequence was that my right side was contracted and my pelvis turned slightly to the right.  The ensuing years of CS therapy had lessened the problem and what used to be an extremely painful situation, now rarely caused me anything more than a twinge.

It surfaced at this time and a slow unwinding of the contracted muscles ensued.  My pelvis rotated slowly & freely in the water to the right and then to the left.  Again and again it went through this rotational program.   It was slow and deliberate, totally unlike the previous session.

I felt my sessions were profound and reached a deep level of healing that couldn’t be reached so quickly or effectively in the traditional manner on the table.  Michele and Gab also felt profound healing.

The water is both outside and inside, in our internal ocean.  Everything blends and the energy runs unobstructively through the water and through all of us.  The bottom line is everything is energy, and, I believe, energy is love.

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