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Whatever resolution do, Don’t Diet

By now we all know that 65% Americans are overweight or obese. In all history, it has never happened before that so many people were so big.

At the same time, we have more diets than ever.

It’s obvious the diets are not working. Low carb, no carb, low fat, no fat, and on and on, one diet after another bites the dust. When people go on diets, one thing is for sure. They will eventually go off their diet. The old habits come back and the weight comes back.

Do you know about that? Intimately?Why is that? Because diets don’t work.What does work is healthy eating. I’m talking science.

Research shows that a low glycemic diet is the healthiest of all. If you haven’t heard this, its because its news. They’ve proven it but word hasn’t really gotten around just yet. Exactly what a low glycemic diet is is even harder to grasp for most of us and what we think it is, is often wrong.

Unfortunately, holiday foods are almost entirely high glycemic. So is about 90% America’s typical diet. That’s why we have this epidemic of overweight, heart disease and diabetes.

Here’s some good news. It’s been shown that if you could just have a low glycemic BREAKFAST, you will eat 800 less calories during the rest of the day. So you can even start now. Just have yourself a low glycemic breakfast and start some good eating habits even before the new year.

Well, what’s that mean?

No cereals, grains, bagels, pancakes, muffins, cheerios, corn flakes, oatmeal, croissants, Danish, doughnuts, sugar, potatoes (home fries), rice (rice cakes), pasta.

That’s right. No left over spaghetti for breakfast.

So what’s on the menu? How about an avocado?

Nature’s perfect food. It has both a glycemic load and a glycemic index of a perfect 0.

Glycemic index has to do with how much sugar is in a food. Glycemic load has to do with the sugar in the food being balanced with nutrients and fiber. Low load foods release sugars slowly. High load foods release sugars fast. Fast release sugars cause your arteries to spasm and become inflamed, resulting in cholesterol build up along those arteries which is actually protection from the inflammation.

Athletes used to think they needed the fast release sugars to give them that extra spurt of energy. The newest thinking, clinically proven as well as proven by the pros and gold medalists, is that the slow sugars are better for athletic performance.Also on the healthy breakfast menu are fresh fruits and vegetables. Or a low glycemic breakfast shake. Be careful with your protein shake. Most are high glycemic.

Come on. You can do it for just one meal a day and have a healthier, happier new you in the new year. Saving 800 calories each day, you might be in better shape when the summer rolls around.

And instead of dieting, how about eating to lose weight? That’s right. If you change your diet from high glycemic to low glycemic, you will actually eat and lose weight. We believe so strongly that this diet change is the one thing that will reverse the unhealthy trends of overweight, heart disease, and diabetes that we’ll show you how to make the switch free. We can also direct you to websites and teleclasses that will support you while you go from unhealthy to healthy.

This is not a diet. This is not something you go on and then go off. This is something you feel the benefit and change for life. Little by little. We suggest you start with breakfast.

Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST is the director of Well On The Way®, a holistic healing center with offices in White Plains and Ossining, NY. Go to or call Elizabeth at 914-762-4693 and find out about the Healthy For Life Program. Readers of Natural Awakenings get a FREE CONSULTATION.

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