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by Elizabeth Pasquale on August 26, 2010[edit]

It’s the first day of USANA Convention and the one thing that sticks in my mind above all the amazing things that were said this morning is this:  Patti Rooney:  “It’s once in a lifetime one gets to work with a man the caliber of Dr. Myron Wentz.”

Dr. Wentz is a visionary, the founder of USANA Health Sciences and Sanoviv Medical Center, and the builder of health centers in Uganda and Cambodia.  And I get to work with him, represent him, and carry out his mission of ending disease.

I can’t begin to tell you how my heart sings to accept this challenge.

I count my blessings of the great men I’ve had the honor of calling my mentors, the men who have caused me to rethink my life and start in a new direction.  My life has been many times blessed.

As a teen, it was Robert Wilson, the visionary theater director who changed my world from suburban New Jersey to encompassing the globe.  In my twenties to now, it was the Nyingma lamas, Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche and Khenchen Palden Sherab.  In my professional life, it was first Dr. John Upledger, founder of CranioSacral Therapy, who I had the honor to train under.  Now Dr. Wentz.

My question might be Why Me?  What greatness does the universe expect of me, that it has given me so many visionaries to direct my path?  Once in a lifetime would be a wonderful gift.  Instead, I’ve been gifted with extraordinary mentors a dozen times.

What greatness do I expect of myself to be given these blessings?

I can see now that these questions smack of an inherent sense of unworthiness.  Just the asking of them means I don’t feel these gifts are justified.  I must do something more to earn them.  It comes from parents who told us “you never get something for nothing.”

All of us are worthy of wonderful mentors and nothing is expected of us.  It’s inherent in this supreme gift we are given, the gift of life.

We are worthy beyond measure and there is nothing we need do, or can do, to earn our gifts.  What could we possibly do to earn the gift of the sun each morning?  We are showered with blessings just because we have had the audacity to show up.

A great mentor, Warner Berger & I in Nepal May 2010

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