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Testimonials for Well On The Way classes and therapies
A golf ball struck me on the left side of my head and I fell unconscious momentarily. 4 weeks later, I had improved but still was unsteady, experienced bouts of dizziness and intermittent vertigo. After my first CranioSacral Therapy at WELL ON THE WAY, I felt so much better that I played golf the very next day–the first time since the accident. In fact, I played in a golf tournament and placed second! I continued therapy as I was amazed at all the positive effects of the treatments.

Margaret Finch, Westchester, New York

(Gregg)… can’t wait to return for another session. He looked much better physically after we left and (other factors notwithstanding) has had a wonderful week so far. He actually got bounce back in his step again, a far cry from the lumbering he was doing…his responses are quicker and he came home from his workshop on Monday shouting…look at me no seizures, not even a little one or an eye roll all day! I’m telling you all this to thank you. It’s such a relief and a blessing to see some improvement after many months of constant decline. I can’t thank you enough!

Erna Boyce, Elmsford, NY
My daughter has a rare brain disorder. Her other therapists and I have noticed great improvements in all other areas of development including speech and gross motor skills since she began CranioSacral Therapy. I am so happy we found Elizabeth, as she has made such a difference in my daughter’s life.

Jeanine Weinstein, Peekskill, NY
Because of my sessions at Well On the Way, my ankles haven’t hurt at night in weeks. The pain used to wake me up in the middle of night.

Adrienne Battaglino, Assistant Museum Curator, NY

I had a major abdominal surgery. I think the sessions at Well On The Way were really key to a remarkably quick recuperation and accelerated healing process.

Franklin Dennis, Peekskill, NY

I discovered Well On The Way when Liz took care of a very serious shoulder problem for my son-in-law and his recovery was miraculous. My back was bothering me. My back no longer aches and my posture and balance have improved significantly.

Eleanor Shatzkin, Croton, NY

Even though I never know what to expect when I come here (to Well On The Way), I am always completely and totally excited by what happens.

Jayne Reis, Putnam Valley, NY

I would like to say thank you very much for such a great experience and a wonderful weekend with all those wonderful people.

Chandra, Yonkers, NY
Liz, you have done it again… What a fantastic presentation!
I want you to know that after 26 years in the healing arts I finally feel that I have found the one modality that I will build upon for the rest of my life. I truly feel that I have found my working home.
Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm about CST, it is CONTAGIOUS and was instrumental in encouraging me to trust my inner wisdom whenever I doubted myself. Also key was the way in which you inspired me to move beyond my LBC (left brain critic) to silence the voice that kept telling me that I should give up because I was just imagining things.
I have spent today researching CST courses and telling friends and family about this amazingly powerful healing technique. The good news is that as skeptical as they may be, they are all willing to sign up to be my first victims!

Thank you for working so hard to present this course with so much great energy, for inspiring me so profoundly and for starting me off on my new road of Adventure!

In Gratitude, Geraldina, Nurse, Mt. Kisco, NY

Thank you for the very encouragingly energized teaching of the Cranio Sacral techniques. Your presentation of the material was full of good visualizations and you really made me feel that I can trust myself more.

Thank you again, Aime Andra, LMT, NYC

Liz gave herself in the class but was not only a teacher but an integral student learning and sharing our experiences. She has a great knowledge of the material and a wonderful belief in all of us. She has been encouraging me for years to take this class. I have not been ready until now but now I look forward to more and more

Regina DeCarlo, mother of two, Dobbs Ferry, NY

A real eye opener to a powerful ’life changing’ therapy. Thrilled that I decided to come! Can’t wait to continue further.

Deirdre Stern, Dental Office Manager, Yorktown Heights, NY

Liz creates a space for group bonding, safety, full participation and optimal learning in an excellent way! This is a great way for people to explore craniosacral therapy. Having taken CST I & II, I found it to be a great review and learned a lot.

Nancy La Plante, Monroe, Connecticut

Great atmosphere! Great group dynamic.

Jayne Ries, Dental Hygenist, Putnam Valley, NY

Liz made this experience of learning something new, so much fun. Who wouldn’t want more?

Deborah Marks, Day Spa Owner, Sugar Loaf, New York

Thank you for the excellent EMM class. It was packed with so many powerful gems! I have been putting the material to use and I see a difference in myself and in my children. Your offering has had such a positive impact.

Nancy LaPlante, mother of two, Monroe, CT

I liked your enthusiasm and openness. I felt that I really went home with something I could hold onto and use.

Ann Edie, Special Education Teacher, Albany, NY

Liz’s enthusiasm is contagious and real and she is coming from a place that is wise and full of heart. The tools we learned are great. THANK YOU!

Lori Ruth Federman, Massage Therapist, NYC

Just a note to say THANK YOU for such an amazing, powerful workshop. I feel that it has opened so many channels for me~ like a spiritual liquid plummer! I think it will take quite some time to digest it all, but I already feel positive that I have benefited from it. Thank you again for all of the hard work that you put into making yesterday such a success for everyone.

Geraldina, Mt. Kisco, NY

Excellent…course content was true to the stated agenda. It was very interactive and experiential. It felt safe to be in a place without judgment and in a place of support, encouragement and respect.

Lori Galeotti, LMT, Yorktown Heights, NY
In less than 6 months, I lost almost 30 pounds, going from 167 to 139 and still counting! With the exercise program, I toned up all those muscles. I feel amazing, full of energy all the time. I just won my golf club’s women’s championship. And my husband loves it!

If I over-indulge, I recuperate much quicker. I haven’t had a headache in 6 months. I originally went to Elizabeth because of pressure in my head. Now, no pressure at all, like it was never there.

Catherine Mahoney, Sleepy Hollow, NY
The one hour session had a big effect on Yohan. That night he slept through the night for the first time in several months and he has slept through about 1/2 the nights since then. He was very happy after we left you and he was laughing a lot….much more than usual.
Thank you very much for seeing us right away!

Tolyn Cromwell, Peekskill, NY

Subsequent to my son’s visits with two podiatrists for severe foot pain, he visited with Elizabeth once, for a couple of hours. Whatever magic she worked, his pain did not return, and he now participates fully in the sports, etc., he was previously unable to enjoy.

Andrea Kimmich-Keyser, Ossining, NY
Gus was born with some cord wrap issues and, as a new born, he tended to be irritable and cranky for extended periods, crying for hours at a time. His mom, Jen, brought him in at 2 weeks old. Also, his belly button had been bleeding for several days:
Dear Elizabeth, I wanted to follow up and let you know how Gus is doing. I really feel like the treatment did Gus a lot of good. His belly button hasn’t bled since I saw you. He also seems a little bit less un-settled. I’d love to come back for another visit and also bring Duncan. Thanks again and I’ll keep in touch.

Kind regards, Jen
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The Natural Way To Well Being

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