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Q. My doctor is concerned about the results of a recent mammogram and wants me to go for additional tests. I’m scheduled for the tests in 3 weeks. Is there anything I can do?
A. Yes, there is something you can do. A qualified Lymph Drainage Therapist can be of great assistance. The breast tissue is drained by lymph vessels. Clogged lymph vessels and lymph nodes contribute to fibrous breast tissue. The therapist with proper breast lymph drainage techniques can help reduce fibrous tissue. Schedule at least 3 appointments with a qualified Breast Lymph Drainage Therapist prior to your next examination.  We at Well On The Way routinely take care of women with this issue.
Q. I’m under a lot of stress and suffer from depression. What treatments are available for me?

A. Stress is very damaging to the body. Chronic stress can lead to many physical problems. CranioSacral Therapy, NeuroLinguistic Programing and SomatoEmotional Release can be a very effective combination of treatments for chronic stress. It is necessary to retrain your body-mind habitual responses with the assistance of a qualified therapist. A combination of Heart Centered Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release can address the root causes.  At Well On The Way, we are very happy to offer this service as nothing is more important than handling stress and depression, wouldn’t you agree?

Q. My child has problems in school and suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. What are some possible treatments to consider?
A. CranioSacral Therapy can help. We see that most children show significant improvement after even one session and certainly after a few. On-going intermittent therapy helps them to reach their highest potential.
Q. I’ve suffered for over 30 years from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from an experience long ago. I’ve tried everything. Are there any new treatments available?
A. Yes. Research at the Upledger Institute has demonstrated that the use of CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release significantly reduces the effects of PTSD. People show significant reductions in depression, hostility, paranoia, and psychoticism.Schedule an appointment with a CranioSacral Therapist trained in SomatoEmotional Release and PTSD to discuss treatment options.
Elizabeth Pasquale, CST, LDT is experienced with PTSD and you can read her article about being a first responder at 9/11 WTC on her blog.
Q. Where do I go for treatments?

A. Well On The Way® has two locations; 222 Westchester Ave, Suite 103, White Plains, NY 10604 and 191 Main Street, Ossining, New York 10562.

Both locations offer CranioSacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Aston Therapeutic Massage and Movement and BEMER for both adults and children.

Q. How frequently does one need CST? Is this something one needs for life? How long before I know its working?

A. Everyone is different. At the initial evaluation, we will assess if the CranioSacral System is compromised and to what degree. After one treatment, people normally know if CST is helpful for them or for their child.People usually come to us because they have a specific issue they want resolved–maybe to relieve a physical symptom or to bring a child up to grade level. We will decide on a course of action that may include weekly or twice weekly sessions until a goal is reached. Then the client decides what type of frequency they want to continue. It could be monthly, bi-annual, or as needed. You do not “need” it for life; you may want it for quality of life.

Q. I’m pregnant, is CranioSacral Therapy for me?
A. Gentle CranioSacral Therapy will most likely increase your relaxation and feelings of well-being as well as help with your achiness. Be sure to work with a seasoned professional. You will come out of your session feeling great!
Q. Is CranioScral Therapy helpful for ADD and ADHD?
A. I have been working with children with autism, ADHD & ADD for over five years now and in my experience, we see improvements about 90 percent the time. Most children improve noticeably with CST intervention, some dramatically and some a little.We have found that hyperactivity and learning delays are often linked to compression of bones pivotal in the CranioSacral System. These bones include the occiput, the floor of the brain, and its connection to the 1st cervical vertebrae. This inhibits free flow of fluids from the head and brain to the body and corresponding communication pathways via the nerves.

Also, at the other end of the system, we often find the sacrum compressed to the lower lumbar spine. The system is thus compressed at both ends, leaving the child struggling.

Within the brain itself, frequently children having difficulties have strain patterns that are quite severe. By strain patterns I mean the alignment of the cranial bones is off quite significantly and this puts forces on the brain itself and surrounding membranes. If these strain patterns existed in adults, we might be voicing our discomfort, a feeling of pressure, or even headaches. Sometimes no discomfort is felt, yet there can be a severe strain on the system.

In one child I evaluated and found these severe strain patterns, I asked his mother if he had headaches. She said no. I then released the strain pattern and the young boy said to me, “Now the man in my head has stopped banging.”

It’s not that his head didn’t hurt, its just that he didn’t know how to express it. He didn’t know the discomfort wasn’t normal.

It takes a lot more energy to do normal activities when these pressures are present, as you know if you’ve ever tried to perform normally when you were ill. The result for the kids can be a difficulty concentrating or behaving normally or learning to talk or read.

It is worth it for any parent to take their child for a CranioSacral evaluation from a qualified therapist. You can find a qualified therapist by going to the website www.upledger.com and looking up practitioners in your area. A more advanced practitioner is usually one that has taken more courses and that will be shown on the website. Sometimes people with just a few classes can be quite good.

There is a great deal more information on this subject on our website www.wellontheway.com, including dolphin therapy with children.

Q. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer. Does CranioSacral Therapy help with migraines?
A. Possible causes of migraines are lack of blood flow and impinged flow of cerebro-spinal fluid. This can be a result of misaligned cranial bones. The CranioSacral Therapist assists in the realignment and to re-establish fluid flow and symptom relief. There are other potential causes of migraines. The following additional treatments have proven effective: Visceral Manipulation, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Aston Therapeutic Massage and Liss Cranial Stimulation.
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