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40th High SchooL ReUnion: A Review of My Life As A House

It all started on Friday, November 12, 2010, with the Millburn High School Class of 1970 40th reunion, class of 1970 from Millburn, New Jersey.  We were a wild bunch.  It was the end of the love decade, the 60’s, and we didn’t know the trouble we were about to get into in the 70’s.

L to R Lee Farber, Elizabeth Pasquale, George Friedman, Barbara Dalton

We were a high school half in the old way of collegiate, ivy league prep and sports, and half in a new way–drugs, music,  experimentation, anti-war demonstrations– left-over hippies looking for a new decade’s identity.

I graduated (barely, having majored in skipping classes, please don’t tell my parents!) and wondered how my sensitive friends, who seemed so ill-fitted for society, would fare and they may have wondered the same about me.  I loved them and didn’t want them to be crushed.  We all seemed so fragile to be taking on the world. (more…)

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