The most beautiful planet of all...
Aren’t you happy you came?

Reverse the Irreversable? Anti-aging? You must be dreaming!

Some time ago a 14 year old girl came into my therapy office, brought in by her family which included Mom and sisters.  Let’s call the girl Sarah.

Sarah could barely make it up my 3 flights of stairs.  She walked with difficulty with a cane.  Sarah had had leukemia, which was in remission.  But cancer treatments which had saved her life had also disabled her.  

According to her doctors, she had the bone density of a 90 year old–severe osteoporosis.  On good days she could walk with a cane.  Bad days meant a wheelchair.  The doctors told her that her condition was irreversible and that it would only get worse with time.

I don’t know why this stuff works…

Most of you know I’m a holistic health care provider.  What that means is that people often show up when the doctors have told them they have no more treatments for them, or the person doesn’t like the suggested traditional treatment option.

Then I do the best I can with therapies with unfamiliar names, like craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, various other energy therapies.  And I use potent nutritional vitamin formulations.

You know, I don’t know  why this stuff works, even though I’ve been doing it since 1995.  I also don’t know how electricity works, and I’ve been flippin’ the switch my whole life.  I don’t know if these vitamins are the best in the world.  All I know is,  I’ve witnessed some amazing healings.

For instance, take one little lady I know, we’ll call her Cathy.  Cathy was almost 15 years old when I first met her.  She arrived with some of her loving family, mom who brought everybody, and 2 younger sisters.  Cathy was walking with a cane and could hardly make it up my 3 steps….


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