The most beautiful planet of all...
Aren’t you happy you came?

Lesson 1: Meet Atlas, my grandson and mentor.

You’ve certainly heard the expression, “Your children are your teachers.” Meet, Atlas, my grandson and mentor. Atlas was born on October 9, 2016, and I became a grandmother and gained a mentor.

Did  you notice that I said I gained a mentor, not that I became a mentor?  I knew in the first moments of meeting him that this boy was going to have much more to teach me than I was to teach him.

In these first weeks of his life, he reminded me of four undeniable principles.  I want to share these principles with you, as knowing and living these principles guarantees a happy life, and don’t you want a happy life?  What could be better than that!  A happy life, that continues every day to become even happier!
These 4 happiness creating principles came from him to me wordlessly, as he embodied them so undeniably.
My idea is to share these principles with you, over the next 4 weeks or so,  through this newsletter.  I wonder if I can relay them to you in such a way that they enhance your life, the way they have enhanced and transformed mine.
Principal 1 came moments after he was delivered.  With that first look into his eyes, I could see the robust and vigorous energy that he was, almost bursting within its physical limits.  He was physical coming from non-physical, energy becoming material.
It was suddenly obvious that we all begin as non-physical, as energy, and we are this energy throughout our lives.  The whole of who we are is this mix of energetic and physical and it’s life enhancing to remember the whole of who you are.
Seeing him, I was enlightened by the fact: We are much more an energy being than we are a physical being.  Its the bigger and more important part of us.
I witnessed a baby arriving. Where did he arrive from?
Long before there was the baby, there was the thought of the baby.  Thought is non physical energy.
My daughter thought, “I want to start a family.  I want a child.”  Or did the thought begin long before that, when I looked at her as a young woman, or even a little girl and thought/imagined, “One day she will have a child herself and I will be a grandmother.
How far back did this thought energy go?  Perhaps with my parents, grandparents, distant ancestors thinking of their descendants. It’s impossible to find the beginning of thought, eternally spinning forward and back simultaneously.
Maybe the thought started another way, like in this “fairy tale”.
Fairy tales begin like this: Once upon a time, in a land far away…
But  mine begins like this:
Once upon timeless eternity, in the place of here and now, there lives a family of non-physical beings, eternal energy beings.  They have infinite intelligence, power that creates worlds, and are pure positive energy.
From their vantage point, they view earth as a most perfect planet, beautiful beyond description, where every experience follows the other like a necklace of perfect moments, delightful in every way.
They say to each other “let’s all go!”, as we might say of visiting Disney, or taking a vacation.  Let’s all go to earth, become physical humans, and enjoy delightful experiences.  Lets forget all that has come before, so we can start fresh.  Ah, there is nothing so juicy as a fresh start!
All agreed. Then, there you are, a physical baby, imbued with eternal life energy.  Thought came first and this thought was conceived in the eternal.
The on-going gathering of co-operative energies came in time, the parents, the doctors, the hospital, and, eventually, the baby!
I saw this eternal energy clearly in Atlas’ first glance.   I saw pure energy flowing forward, from out of time into time.
Looking into the eyes of Atlas, I could see all this and the greatness of this child, that he is so much more than this tiny physical body.  I could feel the pure positive energy surging, the pure potential.  I felt, and I believe this is available to all to feel, the powerful energy springing forward into new life, and the raw connection to the source from which he springs.
I looked into the eyes of my grandson, little Atlas, and was reminded of who I really am, I also springing forth from eternal Source energy, I also connected to all and everything, I also a powerful energy being walking the earth, and I knew Atlas was my mentor.  For what else is a mentor, other than someone who reminds you of who you really are, the greatness that is you?
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