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Sharing the energy field: Are these your questions about energy medicine?

I just received these questions about energy therapies and I thought they were very interesting and worth answering in this forum:

Question 1:
I am wondering what you feel or experience when you do your healing….. Are you drained like a sin eater, burdened like a therapist, saddened as a fellow human being at anothers suffering, energized like an inspired artist?

Question 2:

I also wonder at the fact that it seems your type of therapy requires a certain buy-in and agreement of belief systems by your clients….how do you find such people or educate those suspicious of your arts?

Question 3:

Or am I taking this out of context and is it a simple act of hands on physical work like a physical therapist?

Response to Question 1:

When I am practicing one of the energy therapies (ie CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT), Visceral Manipulation (VM) or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  for example), the client and I share an energy field (which of course is always true whether one is doing energy therapy or not.) So as I create a peaceful field by assisting in removing obstacles, we both experience that peace.  So I am relaxed and peaceful at the end of the session as well as my client.
Response to Question 2:

No, energy therapy does not require any buy-in or pre treatment belief system.  It’s very common for a person to arrive skeptical.  The belief comes about AFTER the person has had the treatment and sees/feels/experiences the treatment and results.  The education is in the experience of the treatment.

One of my newest clients is a young man with Cerebral Palsy (CP).  He is 9 years old, but can’t walk or speak and has little control over what he can do with his body.  When I first worked on him, I felt very tight membranes throughout his body, especially the cranial and the tissues of the nervous system and spinal cord..

CST is ideal for this situation.  I feel the restrictions and gently assist and urge them to open up, relax.  His mother could see the beneficial effect on her son.  After the first treatment, he was relaxed and happy.  After 4 treatments, his demeanor has changed as he is now happier, more relaxed and his body seems less tight.  It is a huge relief for her.  The biggest concern right now is severe scoliosis.  The doctors monitor the bending of the spine and it is looking bad.  CST may stretch and relax these tissues sufficiently so his spine begins to improve instead of continuing to deteriorate.

There is no adequate way to describe what one feels during a treatment.  You just have to experience it.  We give a free consultation and for anyone who reads this article, we will include a free initial energy therapy session.

Response to Question 3:

There is an aspect of it that is simple physical work.  I place my hands in the positions that are the prescribed placements, taught when learning the technique.  Then there is the magic.

My youngest CST client.

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