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Remember: Wear a Hat! :)

OK its official!  Summer is here!  So now we will party in the sun!

I love being outdoors.  July 4 weekend I participated in the Sapphire Light Medicine Buddha Retreat at the Pema Samye Ling (  It was an extraordinary weekend of meditation in the precious land of the Catskill Mountains.  Of course, I stayed in my tipi!

H. H. Khempo Dzewang gave wonderful teachings and guidance on the practice of Medicine Buddha, the text delightfully entitled “Stream of Sapphire.”

On Sunday, July 3, Khempo gave a very moving talk.  He demanded that we “ignite our joy!” and that we do it now!  He said we must stay in joy, stay in the light and spread light.  After all, it’s called “enlightenment”, not “endarkenment”  he said jokingly.  His serious message is delivered with humor.

So I am passing on the message of joy!  Start now & enlighten our world with our joy!

So I continue to do what I can, with joy.  I’ve chosen to PARTY our message of health to all of you.  You are all invited to our parties July 9 & 28!  Below are all the details!

H.H. Khempo Tsewang Dongyal

How do I enjoy the outdoors and take care of my skin?  Perhaps you’re aware of the controversy over the skin “protectors” (sunscreens) on the market.  Though they are supposed to be protecting us from harm, they contain harmful carcinogens that can potentially make us very sick. The petroleum based ingredients provide shelf life for the sunscreens while shortening ours!  Does that make sense?

So here’s the scoop:  You can protect yourself with skin creams with no harmful ingredients!  If you are wondering about yours, contact me for a free list of harmful skin care additives I can email directly to you.  You can check the products your using.

Me at my home away from home!

Also, get together with us at one of our educational SPA PARTIES!!   Once again, we are partying & teaching good sense health information at the same time.
Join us for a sumptuous facial experience, healthy luscious foods, and information that cuts to the chase.

Information on how to be healthy for life!  How to eat to lose weight & reverse diabetes and have skin glowing with health!

We’ve got 2 health parties scheduled for July.

July 9, Saturday, at 2 PM we’ll be partying at Liza Tuck’s home, 100 Pelham Rd, Apt 6J
New Rochelle NY 10805-3124.

Thursday, July 28, 7 PM at Well On The Way(R) LLC, 191 Main Street, Ossining, NY.  In addition to our spa experience, we will serve a healthy FREE dinner and, if that wasn’t enough, this time we are going OVER THE TOP with 2 special guest presenters:

Kyle McMurry will teach us a joyful technique to keep our relationships healthy and love filled.

Sari Martin, who will teach us all her simple techniques to bring out your natural beauty with the Sari Mineral Makeup Collection.

Sari’s natural makeup perfectly compliments our skin care.

It’s going to be fab!

Be sure to RSVP 914 762 4693 so we can set your place at the table!

I hope to hear from all of you!

In the meantime,  Wear A Hat!!
lol with love,


Just exactly how have I anti-aged?

My girlfriend said to me over the weekend that I looked great.  She keeps telling me I don’t look my age and I keep telling her this is how 57 is supposed to look.  🙂  I told her that I didn’t use to look this good.  5 years ago, I looked a lot older.  And 5 years before that, older still!  I am grateful to be experiencing anti-aging!  I see it in the mirror and feel it in my body!

So she asked me exactly what differences did I experience.

Time to take the tipi down!
Time to take the tipi down!.

So I’ve been thinking about it.  10 years ago, I was heavier, my hair was pretty gray (and not so pretty, actually).  It was advanced gray.  My dad, who doesn’t have to be as polite as other people, would say to me, “Don’t you want to color your hair?”

Besides how my hair looked,   I used to have these dark circles under my eyes.  I was getting sick frequently with mono, bronchitus, colds and that had been going on for about 20 years prior.  I’d spent about 10 years with chronic fatigue.  So my energy felt like I was 90.  I was achy all over, and had problems with pain in my finger joints, even a trigger thumb.

And here’s the differences.  Since USANA nutritional supplements,

1. my energy is great,

2. my hair is the color it was when I was 20 (gray went away on its own over a 2 year period),

3. 10 lbs slimmer ( I have a waist like I’ve never had before! 🙂

4. dark circles under my eyes, gone!

5. my skin & hair have a healthy glow

6. joints & back no longer ache

Is this anti-aging?  Call it whatever you like, this is my experience.

Right now, it’s Columbus Day and that means time to take the tipi down!  Most summers I spend almost every weekend in my tipi on the beautiful land of Padmasambhava Buddhist Center

I drove up yesterday, admiring the intense fall colors and had the fun of antique shopping along the way.  Walton, NY is sprouting antique shops left & right!

I got most of the tipi packed up and put away in my car and drove home.  This is when I really appreciate my healthy joints and energy.  This kind of thing used to kill me in my “old” days.  Now, it’s just fun!  It was a refreshing break from the stress and intense emotions of recent weeks.

Happy fall!

“What am I supposed to do?”

Carina Ehlers from Sweden tweeted

  1. Last week I went to an osteopath with knowledge in CranioSacral therapy – He told me that he probably couldn’t help me.3:24 AM Oct 5th from web
  2. And pain in my neck from a nine year old whip lash injury on my right side. What am I supposed to do ~ have tried everything. What am I supposed to do?

Forget that osteopath, Carina!  Just because he didn’t know how to help you, doesn’t mean ALL cranio-sacral therapists can’t help you!

There are about one million things I can do, even if CranioSacral Therapy (CST) were not to work.  First, I’d want to go to a CS therapist who believed he COULD help me and give that a chance.  For a severe injury, that means minimum of 10 sessions, each session being at least 1 hour long.

There are lots of different osteopaths out there and some are excellent with manual therapy and some are not.  I don’t know which category that guy you went to is in.

Let’s say CST didn’t work for me.  Why doesn’t it work for me?  It works for lots of people with similar isssues.  So I would want to work on 2 fronts.

The body heals itself perfectly well if it has the proper nutritional support.  That is key.  That’s why my clients get better results if they go on an aggressive nutritional program along with the manual therapy.  I trust USANA because it worked for me and it has lots of 3rd party endorsements of its scientific basis and potency/purity guarantee.  I’ve seen my clients On it, do much better than my clients NOT on it.

Next, I want to explore the psycho-emotional reasons I might not be getting better.  So I seek out someone who does hypnosis, time line therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), Somato Emotional Release (SER–often done with EFT), Family Constellations or some mind-body therapy.  I do these with my clients and they find it helpful.

There is lots more.

Carina, have you tried all these yet?

Don’t give up hope!  There is an answer to all my challenges as long as I don’t give up!  Let me know what happens, Carina!

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