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Just exactly how have I anti-aged?

My girlfriend said to me over the weekend that I looked great.  She keeps telling me I don’t look my age and I keep telling her this is how 57 is supposed to look.  🙂  I told her that I didn’t use to look this good.  5 years ago, I looked a lot older.  And 5 years before that, older still!  I am grateful to be experiencing anti-aging!  I see it in the mirror and feel it in my body!

So she asked me exactly what differences did I experience.

Time to take the tipi down!
Time to take the tipi down!.

So I’ve been thinking about it.  10 years ago, I was heavier, my hair was pretty gray (and not so pretty, actually).  It was advanced gray.  My dad, who doesn’t have to be as polite as other people, would say to me, “Don’t you want to color your hair?”

Besides how my hair looked,   I used to have these dark circles under my eyes.  I was getting sick frequently with mono, bronchitus, colds and that had been going on for about 20 years prior.  I’d spent about 10 years with chronic fatigue.  So my energy felt like I was 90.  I was achy all over, and had problems with pain in my finger joints, even a trigger thumb.

And here’s the differences.  Since USANA nutritional supplements,

1. my energy is great,

2. my hair is the color it was when I was 20 (gray went away on its own over a 2 year period),

3. 10 lbs slimmer ( I have a waist like I’ve never had before! 🙂

4. dark circles under my eyes, gone!

5. my skin & hair have a healthy glow

6. joints & back no longer ache

Is this anti-aging?  Call it whatever you like, this is my experience.

Right now, it’s Columbus Day and that means time to take the tipi down!  Most summers I spend almost every weekend in my tipi on the beautiful land of Padmasambhava Buddhist Center

I drove up yesterday, admiring the intense fall colors and had the fun of antique shopping along the way.  Walton, NY is sprouting antique shops left & right!

I got most of the tipi packed up and put away in my car and drove home.  This is when I really appreciate my healthy joints and energy.  This kind of thing used to kill me in my “old” days.  Now, it’s just fun!  It was a refreshing break from the stress and intense emotions of recent weeks.

Happy fall!

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