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Reverse the Irreversable? Anti-aging? You must be dreaming!

Some time ago a 14 year old girl came into my therapy office, brought in by her family which included Mom and sisters.  Let’s call the girl Sarah.

Sarah could barely make it up my 3 flights of stairs.  She walked with difficulty with a cane.  Sarah had had leukemia, which was in remission.  But cancer treatments which had saved her life had also disabled her.  

According to her doctors, she had the bone density of a 90 year old–severe osteoporosis.  On good days she could walk with a cane.  Bad days meant a wheelchair.  The doctors told her that her condition was irreversible and that it would only get worse with time.

They told me they had seen a specialist who told them he could break all her joints and reset them and then do it again when she reached adulthood.  So they left him and found their way to me.

When I asked her what her goals were, she said she wanted to be running at summer camp.  This was March.

Also, at 14, Sarah had not yet had a period.

I outlined a course of treatment that included starting on an aggressive vitamin regimen with very high quality, potent vitamins, unlike any found in the stores.  We ordered them through a special company.

When I saw her again, she had been on the vitamins about 2 weeks and had gotten her first period!  She stayed on the vitamins taking them 2x daily and is still on these same vitamins years later.

Her gait improved so much that she was running at summer camp!  I helped her with posture and alignment.  No more cane or wheelchair!

The doctors were monitoring her closely and doing bone density tests.  Much to their surprise, September showed a 1% increase in bone density.

I continued to see her a few times a year and work with her posture and alignment.  She told me that her bone density test (1 year later) showed a 13% increase and was only slightly below normal for her age.  Another year later, 16% increase.  And better yet, she was dancing in high heels at her sweet sixteen!!

So this little girl went from bones of a 90 year old to bones of a teen ager when they said it couldn’t be done.  Irreversible?  Non-sense.  Anti-aging?  In this case, most definitely, YES!  The saying is “You are only as old as you feel.”
It could be feeling old has more to do with a lack of nutrients and an inablility of the body to repair itself than what years have passed.

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