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Secret to Effective DETOX! Because you asked for it!

Everywhere I turn, people are either asking me about how to effectively detox or telling me how they are doing it. When they tell me the method they are using, they are often asking if I think this is an effective method. Most of the time, I really don’t know for sure. One measure of effectiveness is if you are feeling better. But many toxins don’t manifest symptoms early on, so it’s hard to go by that. There are very few products that have objective evidence of effectiveness.

Let’s face it, toxins invade our bodies from every direction!! But no need to panic. There are effective ways out there to handle it.

I was really happy to discover this brief video that describes a very simple & easy way to turn on the natural detox process in our bodies. I wanted to share it with you right away because it gives us reliable proof that its actually working! Proven effectiveness is a rarity in many detox products on the market. Check this video out and let’s talk!

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This is my swimming hole pictured here. This is the Croton River, which flows down from the Croton Reservoir and ends in the Hudson River. It’s an interesting river because, like the Hudson, it flows in 2 directions. The Hudson flows from the Adirondack Mountains and ends up in NY Harbor. But at high tide, the Hudson flows in reverse, with salt water coming up the river.

Croton River & my dog, Max

At high tide, the little Croton River also flows in reverse and heads back in the direction of the reservoir until it reaches the small dams in place to provide swimming lakes.

Every moment of every day there is a different delight to enjoy at my swimming hole. It changes depth and light and character with the changing tides, weather, and cloud formations.

This summer there were 2 incidents when anxiety crept into my idyllic get-away. There was the sewage spill at Yonkers and a second spill at Ossining. The Hudson Riverkeeper keeps us aware of “bad” effluent days, even when there is no disastrous spill. The truth is our sewage infrastructure, even on good days, is over-taxed and needs to be brought up to speed with the population growth.

Be sure to check out the Riverkeeper website at to see how you can contribute to the solution! I was concerned about swimming with all these sewage spills. My favorite spot was never affected, though many beaches were closed. Even so, I wonder what’s getting into me when I swim. As the water flows up to my swimming hole from the Hudson with the high tide, it passes through a natural filtration system of reeds and swamp. When it comes from the other direction, it flows from the Croton Reservoir, which is as pure as it can get.

“As pure as it can get” How pure is that? Recently I got a new water purifier from my friend. I can’t tell you a lot about it, except that I go by the wisdom of my friends on this one. The purifier I got actually has 3 separate filters. One takes out mercury, flouride and chlorine as well as other heavy metals. One aerates it. One takes out drugs!

This one surprised me. Drugs! Of course, what they say is true. We are all one. So if one is taking anti-depressants, anti-biotics, statins, WHATEVER!! Then we all are taking it, because, eventually, it gets in the water!

So this is how I am taking steps to make my home, my body healthy. I’m purifying my water and I’m following the advice of that video, building up my body to detox naturally on its own!

My body will be SUPER capable of de-toxing poisons that never before existed for a body to deal with. Will yours? I’m happy to help you get your body turned into an effective detox machine, too. Just contact me & we’ll get you going.

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