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Happiness Homework #2 Too many happy things to report!!

As per Shawn Achor (The Happiness Advantage), I’m diligently doing my 21 days of homework, which is to write in detail every day for 21 days of a recent happy experience.

I just have one problem. There are too many happy things that happened yesterday!

Industry colleagues, fellow Everest trekkers & heart buddies. I’m in front in black.

It was the final day of the USANA convention and the line up of speakers kept me on the edge of my seat the entire day!

As motivating and inspirational as all the speakers were, I want to write about my colleagues in the industry because they touch my heart so profoundly. Some of them are at the top of the industry. Some of them are in the middle. “Living the dream” as the convention theme stated. And some are striving to realize their dreams.

I truly feel that everyone I introduce to these supplements will benefit with enriched health advantages. I make what I feel is my small contribution, making as many people as I can aware of how much better they may fare with this additional wellness tool put to use for them.

I did a pretty good job this year and I won an award for introducing so many new customers to our products. My surprise was when I received so many heartfelt congratulations from my colleagues.

I was surprised because I always feel I could be reaching so many more people, helping so many more. How can I do that? So there is this feeling of inadequacy, this striving to be better.

But my colleagues all expressed to me how proud they were of me, of the job I am doing. They seem to be doing so much more than me and yet they are congratulating me!

I mention it because it’s not just me. I see that support, that encouragement, expressed throughout this community.

To all of us in complimentary medicine, it seems an uphill battle. Colleague & speaker Dr. Christian Northrup explained it this way: Today’s medicine is “disease screening.” It has nothing to do with making people healthy.

Dr Northrup and I at the health convention.

We in complimentary medicine have a tough job sometimes convincing people that it’s time to take another approach and make your body able to be healthy despite all challenges.

A special thanks to the Integritas group. This is a group of industry colleagues who work with internet marketing. They are doing their damnedest to make this technology understood and available to all of us. I am definitely one of the over-50 computer challenged. I’m learning from the Integritas group to be able to reach out beyond my small local community. That’s awesome!

Jason Wells of Integritas with Ruth Kohake and me

When I soon have this mastered, I promise I will be one of the best teachers of internet marketing to technologically challenged people like myself! You have my word on that! : )

We got together at a small pub last night and everyone was so happy just to reconnect, go over the highlights of the convention, share insights and plans for this next year. Smiles all around, laughs, and optimistic feelings.

According to Shawn Achor and the latest studies, the most effective way to get anything done is with optimism and happiness.

Sending love,

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