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The Secrets of Six-Figure Women: How To Overcome An Under-Earning Personality & Bank Account!

The only thing worse for your life than money problems are health problems, and the stress caused by money problems can certainly cause health problems, so maybe there isn’t anything worse…(except maybe run-on sentences lol!)

I’ve picked up this terrific book that was recommended at a recent health convention:  SECRETS OF SIX-FIGURE WOMEN:  SURPRISING STRATEGIES TO UP YOUR EARNINGS AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE by Barbara Stanny.

Dr. Christiane Northrup & me

The chapter that really grabbed me, like a pit bull to my ankles, (ouch!) was the chapter on under-earners. As she mentioned that we practice “reverse snobbery”, I got goose bumps.  I’ve talked with friends, especially my “pious” and poor friends.  Many seem to have a disdain for money, yet are often complaining that they don’t have any. That was me!

It reminds me of a question I heard, “How long would your girlfriend be around if you were always putting her down, didn’t value her?”   Not very long.

Line Dubois & me

Did I mention how proud under-earners can be?  We revel in our ability to make do with less.

This type of thinking is a major obstacle to Abundance or accumulating any kind of wealth.

And in Barbara Stanny’s book, many of the six-figure women were originally under-earners!  So, we are keeping good company!

It’s never too late to change!

The thing that changed us was an immediate challenge.  My challenge is to live my advancing years as a dream come true, rather than a nightmare!  I want my place in the sun and I want to be in a position to care for my family.  I want to be there for my parents as they age and I want it to be as pleasurable an experience as possible for all of us.

Donna Zucchi & me

The other part of this that is important is that we must rise to the occasion by stretching ourselves and doing what doesn’t seem natural or comfortable.  Up until now, there was no way I could see myself as an internet marketer, let alone becoming an expert and helping others!  Anything having to do with technology and computers seemed greek to me.

Internet marketing is still a big challenge on a daily basis for me.  It would be easy to walk away.  But I can also see it as the answer to my problems, so I step up to it just about every day, even weekends.

I’ve also had to rethink my image of myself and how friends might think less of me for entering this field.  OK, 2 minutes on that and then FULL SPEED AHEAD.

Cathy Ngo & me

How often did you hear yourself saying, “I stopped because it just didn’t feel right.”  The important part of this to remember is, if something makes me feel uncomfortable and doesn’t fee natural, that’s not a reason to stop.  In fact, it may mean I SHOULD go forward.

Becoming a new person is an uncomfortable process and by definition, is not going to feel “right” or natural.

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